The Swiss investor Aleksei Korotaev intends to acquire a minority share in Roda JC Kerkrade and has already committed funds to strengthen the roster yet in this transfer window.
These first steps of the new co-owner fit in his long-term strategy to bring the club back to the sub-top of the Eredivisie. The procedural settlement of the new shares ratio will be
completed within weeks.
Minority share
With the acquisition of a part of the shares of the owner Frits Schrouff, Aleksei Korotaev acquires a minority share in the Kerkrade football club. This transaction responds to the desire of Schrouff to reduce his financial involvement. Obviously 0.2% of the shares remains by the club itself, here is the club culture housed (such as name, image rights and play location).
The arrival of the new co-owner gives the club a solid foundation to build a future-proof Roda JC.Managing Director Wim Collard: “Aleksei Korotaev has outspoken ambitions with our club and for him the strong local anchoring remains the most important. Together with the fans, sponsors and the entire region, he wants to further develop the future of Roda JC. This is also evident from the fact that Frits Schrouff continues to play a role as co- owner. In this way we connect the local commitment to the global business network of Aleksei Korotaev “.Investing in the future
Aleksei Korotaev wants to bring Roda JC back to the sub-top of the Eredivisie. The Swiss businessman therefore not only acquires shares but also investing in the current squad and improvement of the Football Academy. In the short term he has already committed funds to sign players during the transfer period that expires on 31st January. Also he wants to start this year with the further professionalization of the Football Academy, because he recognizes that youth development is an important ‘lifeline´ of the club. This creates the basis for further investment and the return of Roda JC at the level that does justice to the glorious history of the club.
Technical Director Ton Caanen “Aleksei Korotaev not only invests, but he is above all passionately involved. His commitment is large and above all sincere. He has a big sporting heart and is a true team player. ‘Together´ is his quote. From our first meeting we had a great chemistry”.

Aleksei Korotaev
After a career in the Swiss banking sector and international finance, Aleksei Korotaev started an investment company with interests and operations in several countries. Effective participation is the essence of his method. Korotaev: “I am very pleased, together with Mr. Schrouff and his extraordinary support for the club, to bring the club back to the sub-top of the Eredivisie. From the first moment I have appreciated the enthusiasm and passion of the people at Roda JC and especially the managing board. It gave me the feeling to have landed at the right club to accomplish my ambitions. I am very happy and proud that the intensive cooperation with Ton Caanen during the past few months and the energy that he has put into this deal, has resulted in the message of today and I am really looking forward to this close cooperation with the managing board of Roda JC.”

The Swiss is a passionate lover of football and in his youth he was a thoroughbred sportsman who practiced a diversity of sports, such as football and diving. He knows from his experience what it takes to facilitate and supervise to enable peak performance. Now he wants to supply his business opportunities and network to one of his passions: a football club.
One of his closest advisors is the Limburg born Stijn Janssen, a tax advisor who lives and works in Dubai. Stijn Janssen: “As a young boy I went together with my father to Kaalheide and I am worried by the current phase in which the club now finds itself. When I sensed that Aleksei Korotaev wanted to participate in a football club, I mentioned Roda JC to him. After extensive contact with Ton Caanen since November 2016, Aleksei and I thoroughly acquainted with the club in Kerkrade early January. Aleksei became even more enthusiastic and so the case gained momentum. With Aleksei Korotaev as the new co-owner, Roda JC is able to further develop his future.

Frits Schrouff: “When I learnt to know Aleksei, I discovered that he has the same thoughts and ambitions with regard to the future of the club as when I started participating in the club. The focus on the Football Academy and bringing back the sportive successes will be our joint challenge.”

The arrival of a new co-owner is a reassurance for the club, but also a boost for all involved to work with renewed vigour to the new Roda JC.
Sales Director Nick Janssen: “Aleksei Korotaev wants together with Frits Schrouff and the Board of Roda JC continue to develop this beautiful club. I faced a business partner with a big global network who especially also cherishes our local network. We as the Board of Roda JC, play an important role in this process. The arrival of Aleksei Korotaev is fantastic for all of us and we all have to bring big affords, along with anyone with a black-yellow heart”.

The board of Stichting Administratiekantoor Roda JC (holder of the golden share) has approved with enthusiasm with this intention and sees the chance to enable the next steps within the goals of the club.

Foto Lucho Carreno